Downing College Cambridge

Downing is a College of the University of Cambridge and was founded in 1800 through a bequest made by Sir George Downing, 3rd Baronet, whose wealth was inherited from his grandfather after whom Downing Street is named. Sir George Downing 3rd died in 1749, leaving his estates to the next heir to the baronetcy, Sir Jacob Downing, and, if he died without heir, to three cousins in succession. Sir Jacob’s widow, however, refused to give up the estates and this led to a law suit that was finally settled in the College’s favour in 1800, when George III granted the College a Royal Charter. The College’s beautiful neo-classical buildings are set in spacious and peaceful gardens in the centre of Cambridge, close to many university departments. It is home to a lively and diverse scholarly community, including over 400 undergraduates, over 200 graduates and over 50 Fellows, supported by over 130 staff. Downing College’s notable alumni include: the scientists Sir John Pendry and Professor David Nu...
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Downing College,,Cambridge,Cambridgeshire,GB

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ana ruiz rodriguez
ana ruiz rodriguez
International Recruitment Specialist at Sitel
ian sabir
ian sabir
Global Clinical Program Lead (late-stage R&D) at AstraZeneca
peter johnstone
peter johnstone
✨ Top 0.05% of Taylor Swift listeners according to Spotify Wrapped ✨
lydia donaldson
lydia donaldson
Operations Director & GM at Live Better With
lorenz pallhuber
lorenz pallhuber
MBA Candidate @ Stanford | Consultant @ McKinsey | Passionate about start-ups + designing high performing organizations

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