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conXt makes it easy to get mailing addresses. Post your personal contact link on Facebook or Twitter or email an address request to your wedding guests, and your friends, family, and customers fill out your address book for you. conXt is perfect for getting your wedding guest list together, updating your holiday card list, or keeping in touch with your customers through email or direct mail. Fast, private, simple to use, and useful, use conXt to create a master list of your contacts that you can access anywhere. Even better, conXt takes your household and business address book online by introducing a number of smart features. Group your contacts using tags (e.g. bridal party, family, groomsmen, etc.) and you can easily email your groups what they need to know and coordinate your event. Build household contacts by including spouse's and children's contact information and birthdays, and set up reminders so you never miss a nephew's birthday or a friend's anniversary ever again. Export addresses to any online card retailer if you'd like to send physical mail, or send it directly from conXt. Print mailing labels from conXt at home to save you from hand cramps. Connect with those closest to you and when you or your friends move, your address book is automatically updated. We're a bride's best friend, a mom's personal organizer, and a small business owner's customer relationship manager all in one place!

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