Climate Change Capital Ltd

Climate Change Capital Limited (CCC) was an FCA regulated environmental investment management and advisory company which operated from 2003-2015. CCC advised and invested in companies and projects driven by the financial rewards associated with a low carbon economy. CCC helped to avoid over 100m tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. CCC’s asset management business managed US$1.6bn across various funds including the world’s largest private sector carbon fund, one of Europe’s largest cleantech funds, Venture Capital Trust funds which invested in UK onshore renewable energy projects and the UK’s first green commercial real estate fund. CCC’s advisory business provided financial, strategic and policy advice to energy-intensive industries, financial institutions, cleantech companies and governments.
Climate Change Capital Ltd contact details
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investment management
London, GB

Climate Change Capital Ltd Management & Employee Directory

Soubir Bhatt
Soubir Bhatt
Chairman & CEO, V&E Swiss Worldwide 🌎 Diplomat | Doctor | Entreprèneur | TEDx Speaker Lawyer | Pilot | Angel Investor | Board Member | Author | NITI Aayog - Government Of India 🇮🇳
James Cameron
James Cameron
Senior Advisor at DFS, Korn Ferry, Pollination, SYSTEMIQ & Tulchan | Chair of Crown Agents | Non-Executive Director ORIT, Verv | Director Ignite Power | Former Chairman of ODI | Friend of COP26 | Entr
Andrew Affleck
Andrew Affleck
Renewable Energy Investment Professional Asia Pacific
He Yi
He Yi
Vice President at Climate Change Capital Ltd

Climate Change Capital Ltd Competitors

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computer software
Department of Energy and Climate Change
government administration
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