Charles Marcus Consulting

Charles Marcus began in 1984 as a firm of Management Consultants in London employing professional consultants living and working away from their country of origin, usually from Aust/NZ. The associated firm of Chartered Accountants advises Aust/NZ contractors on their limited companies and personal taxation. The services are ideal for directors who want to outsource as much as possible while retaining control of their companies. The group was restructured in 2001 to work more closely with recruitment agencies, and other intermediaries, to source assignments for the large number of consultants in the Charles Marcus team. In UK, Charles Marcus provides employment solutions to globally mobile contractors through In Australia and New Zealand, local Charles Marcus companies employ consultants, often working remotely for overseas clients. Refer to Assignments have been completed in over 50 other countries through the Charles Marcus global...
Charles Marcus Consulting contact details
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Management Consulting
91 New Cavendish Street,London,United Kingdom

Charles Marcus Consulting Management & Employee Directory

Antonio Goncalves
Antonio Goncalves
Head of Treasury at Charles Marcus Consulting Group
Peter Ngo
Peter Ngo
Propertunities Director ∘ EPMA Pharmacist Consultant
Aaron Sequerah
Aaron Sequerah
Cyber security / IT-Internal-External Audit Specialist / Business Analyst / Project Manager / BCM-DR-Pandemic Planning & Risk Specialist
Benny Skrabal
Benny Skrabal
Finance & Transformation Lead. On assignment
Michelle Neal
Michelle Neal
EMENA Supply Chain Finance Project Lead - Interim at Costa Coffee
Joel Parsons
Joel Parsons
IT Technical Consultant at Charles Marcus Consulting
Ky Crout
Ky Crout
Experienced Agile Delivery Professional Seeking A New Challenge
Minna Hii
Minna Hii
Experienced FP&A finance business partner
Suresh Jayakumar
Suresh Jayakumar
Management Consultant at Charles Marcus Consulting
Yashvanth Shetty
Yashvanth Shetty
Management Consultant at Charles Marcus Consulting

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