Care/of ( is a fast-growing, venture-backed wellness startup. We make it easier and more enjoyable to shop for vitamins (and maybe even a little fun, too). Our technology makes it possible for people to get custom vitamin recommendations based on their diets and health goals, which we deliver in convenient daily packs. We always include a touch of joy. We aim to help people feel empowered to make the right choices for their health by being transparent about the research backing up our recommendations and the quality of our products. Goodbye, guesswork. Care/of launched in 2016 and is based in New York City. (And we’re excited to meet you.)OUR CORE VALUESBe Humble: Engage in debate with an open mind. Embrace feedback and being wrong when presented with data that shows there is a better option. Be Honest: Deliver the truth with humor and love. Recognize and stand up against discrimination on the basis of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious background, or menta...
Care/of contact details
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health, wellness & fitness
75 Varick St,New York,US

Care/of Management & Employee Directory

Vincent Trivett
Vincent Trivett
Is not looking for a new job, especially not at Amazon
Lindsay Rosenblum
Lindsay Rosenblum
Senior Director, Product Strategy at Care/of
Phillip Sull
Phillip Sull
Senior Growth Product Manager at Care/of
Holly Rankin
Holly Rankin
Senior Digital Product Designer at Care/of
Lucas Gottlieb
Lucas Gottlieb
Head of Growth at Care/of | MBA Candidate at Columbia Business School
John West
John West
Aspiring Business Strategy Leader | MBA Candidate at Michigan's Ross School of Business | Planning Manager at Care/of
Arielle Tsoran
Arielle Tsoran
Sr. Associate, Paid Endorser Marketing at Care/of
Van L
Van L
Senior Program Manager, Operations at Care/of
Henry Dunn
Henry Dunn
Senior Director of Customer Experience at Care/of
Beth Kaplan
Beth Kaplan
Director at Rent The Runway, Meredith Corp, Crocs, Howard Hughes, and Care/of
Ned Dupont
Ned Dupont
Senior Manager, Acquisition Marketing at Care/of

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