Caravan Restaurants

At Caravan we aim to achieve one basic objective: That our guests are happier when they leave Caravan than when they arrive. Our company culture and employee happiness is key to our development and success. We champion fairness, equality, diversity, respect for each other, creativity and learning, family values and a sense of belonging. We are a family. All aspects of what we do are hugely important; the food and drinks, the cool warm atmosphere, roasting the perfect coffee and delivering it all with casual excellence. Our food concept is “well-travelled”, which means that whilst the food we use is local and seasonal, we take influence from our travels and combine international flavours to create dishes with bold, interesting flavours. Our menus are designed with an emphasis on small plates designed for sharing. This dining concept lets the guests choose from a great variety of small plates enabling them to maximise their dining experience by trying a number of dishes rather th...
Caravan Restaurants contact details
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152 Great Portland Street,London,England,GB

Caravan Restaurants Management & Employee Directory

Laura Harper-hinton
Laura Harper-hinton
Founder at Caravan Restaurants, Caravan Coffee Roasters, Vardo Restaurant
Niamh Brennan-bernatt
Niamh Brennan-bernatt
General Manager at The Horseshoe - Camden Town Brewery
Olga Dabek
Olga Dabek
Assistant General Manager at Caravan Fitzrovia
Dipak Vaghjiani
Dipak Vaghjiani
Head of Reservations & Events at Caravan Restaurants
Greg Hinchliffe
Greg Hinchliffe
Finance Director, Caravan Restaurants and Coffee Roasters
Maria D'urso
Maria D'urso
Head of Events at Caravan Restaurants - Animas Centre for Coaching
Etienne Stoller
Etienne Stoller
English Literature Graduate (MA), Creative, Music Professional
Jhupa Singh Rijal
Jhupa Singh Rijal
Master chef , SOMA Indian Speciality restaurant Grand Hyatt Mumbai
Nandini Barnes
Nandini Barnes
Drinks & Flavour Development | Bar & Service Training | UX Design

Caravan Restaurants Competitors

Beyond Sushi
Bob & Berts

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