Campus Advantage

Campus Advantage was founded on March 3, 2003 and we have built one of the premier student housing companies in the world. Today, Campus Advantage has grown to nearly 600 employees strong and provides property management services, acquisitions, development, consulting, residence life and marketing through our sister company, Catalyst. Our proven, time tested approach is focused on creating a better student living experience at all of our properties. We believe that our employees are truly "The Campus Advantage". We create successful people, who help us create successful communities.
Campus Advantage contact details
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110 Wild Basin Road,Austin,TX,United States

Campus Advantage Management & Employee Directory

Katie Ransom
Katie Ransom
Assistant General Manager at Campus Advantage
Edwin Perez
Edwin Perez
National assistant director of facilities
Director of Corporate Accounting at Campus Advantage
Peter Jbeili
Peter Jbeili
Director of Operations at Campus Advantage
Surya Peddigari
Surya Peddigari
Director, Business Intelligence at Campus Advantage | Azure Cloud BI Architect | Azure Data Engineer | Azure Data Factory | Power BI
Erin Oltersdorf
Erin Oltersdorf
Recruiting Manager for Campus Advantage | Connecting the best talent to the best team in student housing
Jaclyn Taaffe Cam
Jaclyn Taaffe Cam
Senior Regional Manager at Campus Advantage
Dan Oltersdorf
Dan Oltersdorf
Equipping leaders to thrive as they create meaningful and memorable experiences.
Erick Martin
Erick Martin
Leasing Consultant at Campus Advantage
Jenny Higgins
Jenny Higgins
Corporate Recruiter for Campus Advantage

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