Broker Genius

Broker Genius drives revenue and enables hyper-growth for ticket sellers through intelligent, dynamic and fully-automated pricing technology.Supply and demand in the ticket market changes fast. Without automated pricing technology, it’s impossible for ticket sellers to check and update prices for all of their inventory in real time. Since many sellers manage thousands of tickets at once, manual pricing is incredibly time consuming and leads to massive amounts of inefficiency. Broker Genius automates pricing with real-time market and data visualization tools to help customers earn more revenue, save time and reduce overhead.To date, Broker Genius technology has priced over $2 billion of ticket inventory on their innovative platform, helping the world’s largest sports and entertainment ticket resellers maximize profits and accelerate growth.
Broker Genius contact details
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information technology & services
366 5th Avenue,New York,New York,US

Broker Genius Management & Employee Directory

Don Pflaster
Don Pflaster
Principal Software Engineer at Broker Genius
Noah Rabinsky
Noah Rabinsky
Managing Partner at Summerfield Capital Management
John Lucier
John Lucier
Private Equity / Venture Capital Investor and SAAS Operator
Dylan Garcia
Dylan Garcia
Sports Business Professional | M.A. Sport Management Candidate, (2021) at University of San Francisco
Miguel Perez
Miguel Perez
Senior Pricing Analyst II at Broker Genius
Aditi Mayekar
Aditi Mayekar
Data Analyst II | SQL | Python | Tableau | Business Intelligence | Professional Scrum Master™
Joseph Mihelich VI
Joseph Mihelich VI
By analyzing ticket markets, I help our clients to price their inventory efficiently and effectively to maximize profits.
Kevin Wagner
Kevin Wagner
Director, Full Service Pricing at Automatiq
Sameer Jain
Sameer Jain
Senior Pricing Analyst at Broker Genius

Broker Genius Competitors

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Systems Limited
information technology & services
Information Technology & Services
CEDCOSS Technologies Private Limited
Information Technology & Services

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