is the largest online retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 1999 we opened our virtual doors as first online bookstore in the Netherlands. Nowadays we’re working with 2.000 colleagues to deliver the best shopping platform ever. To be able to do this we have expanded our shopping platform in the 20 years of our existence. 2010 was the beginning of in Belgium. The first step towards our southern neighbors. And we opened our shopping platform to other retailers, for our customers to be able to find ‘everything’ on Since 2016 it is possible for our partners to advertise via And in 2017 Huub Vermeulen opened the doors of our fulfilment center. Shortly: together with 2.000 bol.commers we work to make the daily lives of our customer easier. contact details
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Utrecht, NL Management & Employee Directory

Satwik Chaudhary
Satwik Chaudhary
MBA candidate at the Simon Business School, University of Rochester
Sander Janmaat
Sander Janmaat
Recent International Master in Management graduate
Anne-Floor Jonkman
Anne-Floor Jonkman
Head of Merchandising Home & Garden bij
Sytske Sijbesma
Sytske Sijbesma
E-Commerce | Retail | Innovation | Strategy | Digital transformation | Sourcing
Dennis Luijkx
Dennis Luijkx
MBA Summer Student at University of Notre Dame
Wim Jansen
Wim Jansen
Data Science Consultant at ORTEC Marketing Analytics
Mark Moman
Mark Moman
Key Account Manager at PostNL Parcels Benelux
Gertjan Kleinhout
Gertjan Kleinhout
E-commerce l Commercial Management | Marketing l Group Manager Client Support - Digital Commerce at Rijk Zwaan
Gerard Abma
Gerard Abma
Manager ICT Infrastructuur at Zorg en Zekerheid
Stijn Begeman
Stijn Begeman
Scientific Software Engineer at Shell
Arjen Heida
Arjen Heida
Head of Retail Media Group at

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