Beachbody, a worldwide leader in health and fitness headquartered in Santa Monica, California, was founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon. Our comprehensive approach combines fitness, nutrition, and support—a proven formula that has helped thousands of people completely transform their lives. Company Mission: To help people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives.
Beachbody contact details
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health, wellness & fitness
3301 Exposition Blvd,Santa Monica,California,US

Beachbody Management & Employee Directory

Jonathan Gelfand
Jonathan Gelfand
Chief Legal Officer & SVP Business Development at Beachbody, LLC (JD, CIPP/E, CIPP/US)
Chrystal Palmer
Chrystal Palmer
Office Manager at Color Specialist Landscaping, Inc.
Brad Hartnett
Brad Hartnett
Senior Analyst, Workforce Management at Beachbody
Tedi Tarverdian
Tedi Tarverdian
Skilled Infrastructure Engineer with strengths in Networking, Storage and Virtualization.
Efran Tash
Efran Tash
Senior Scientist, Product Development at Beachbody
Monica Sturm
Monica Sturm
Diamond Independent Team Beachbody Health and Fitness Coach
Kristi Kelly
Kristi Kelly
Finance and Accounting Recruiting Manager at Robert Half Talent Solutions
Christyna Silvestri
Christyna Silvestri
Independent Team Beachbody Coach at Beachbody
Moira De Anda
Moira De Anda
Bilingual marketer creating campaigns that drive engagement, acquisition, and retention
Catherine Martin
Catherine Martin
Lead Marketing Analyst, Cash Management @ Vanguard
Zely Santos
Zely Santos
Director of Talent Acquisition at OpusCare - South Florida, Texas & Georgia
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller
Digital Media Creator | Youtube | Podcaster | Pro Wrestling | PMA | Created: Amy Schumer FbLikePg
Sudhir Kumar Swain
Sudhir Kumar Swain
Technology Delivery Lead and IT Strategist.
Monique Carreon
Monique Carreon
Senior Engineer, Quality Assurance at Beachbody
Amy Tully
Amy Tully
I help people and businesses find their moxie and mojo.

Beachbody Competitors

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