Barzel Industries

Headquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts, with operational hubs in Mississauga, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, we operate a network of 17 manufacturing, processing and distribution facilities in the United States and Canada. Through an innovative management system that includes close statistical monitoring and analysis of our plant capabilities, we can service our customers with speed, quality and reliability. With a long tradition of quality service, we offer a wide range of metal processing solutions to a variety of industries, from construction and industrial manufacturing to finished commercial racking products. Our systemic approach has enabled us to become a welldiversified, multi-process provider of value-added services. We believe we are one of only two independent continuous process picklers in Canada. We also believe our in-line temper mill, which became operational in 2005, makes us the only provider of this highprecision service in Canada that is not integrated with a primary...
Barzel Industries contact details
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mining & metals
7070 Mississauga Rd. Suite 350,Mississauga,Ontario,CA

Barzel Industries Management & Employee Directory

David Small
David Small
Manager, Human Resources at Barzel Industries
Rose Berry
Rose Berry
Office Manager at Barzel Industries
Joan Curtis
Joan Curtis
Senior Programmer Analyst at Barzel Industries
Mary Miller
Mary Miller
VP of Sales & Marketing at Barzel Industries

Barzel Industries Competitors

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