Barceló Viajes

Barceló Viajes is the travel division of the Barceló Group specialized in travel, leisure and vacations. We integrate the processes of tourism through six lines of business: wholesale, retail, online, airline, corporate travel and gift boxes. The retail area operates with the brand B the travel brand and it comprises more than 650 retail travel agencies in Spain and Portugal. It has over 80 years of the greatest brand recognition in the industry, based on the strength, security and maximum guarantees enjoyed by over 1.5 million passengers every year. In the corporate travel segment we operate with the brand BCD Travel, noted for the efficiency and quality of its services, becoming an important ally in the travel policy of many principal companies and institutions in Spain and Portugal. Similarly, the brand Barceló Congresos offers a specialized service in the organization and management of incentives, conferences and events. has its roots in 1996, being one of t...
Barceló Viajes contact details
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leisure, travel & tourism
Avda. 16 de Julio, 75,Palma de Mallorca,Islas Baleares,ES

Barceló Viajes Management & Employee Directory

fernando morote
fernando morote
Sales and Business Development Director
miguel estarellas
miguel estarellas
Specialist in Sales & Marketing Hotels&Resorts East Carolina University Bachelor Science Business Administration Entrepreneurship
josé ignacio lugo
josé ignacio lugo
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Camper | C-level executive
alexandra baez
alexandra baez
Finance Manager, Digital Innovator ,MBA, MSc

Barceló Viajes Competitors

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