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zipMoney Limited (ASX: ZML) is an ASX-listed provider of innovative payment and credit solutions to retailers (online and in-store) across the digital checkout. We employ the latest tools in fraud prevention, risk management and social scoring to deliver real-time decisions to savvy digital shoppers. zipMoney is FOR Australian business. We help retailers convert browsers into paid customers (+20%), increase basket sizes (+50%) and encourage repeat shopping behaviour (+50%). Across the platform there are more than 500,000 users and over 3,000 retail partners. zipMoney has three core products: (1) zipPay - Digital wallet (up to $1,000) that helps customers buy now and pay later for everyday purchases online and in-store (fashion, hospitality, CE/IT products) with no interest ever. See (2) zipMoney - Digital wallet (up to $30,000) that helps customers buy now and pay later for life’s larger purchases online and in-store (CE/IT, travel, lifestyle) with healthy inter...
Zip Co contact details
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Financial Services

Zip Co Management & Employee Directory

Zach Walsh
Zach Walsh
Head of Product @ Quidd | Co-Founder of HiFi Bridge | Ex- Product @ Uber, Meta, Sony, Fintech
Steve Levy
Steve Levy
👋 Engineer turned Recruiting leader 🌊 ex-Jones Beach Lifeguard (way better than ex-MAANG) 💻…
Mariana Avila
Mariana Avila
Strategy Consultant | Business & Operations | GTM Strategy | Competitive Intelligence | Expansion Strategy
Arman Thanviruddin
Arman Thanviruddin
Leader. FinTech. Compliance. Payment Processing. Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). Software as a service (SaaS).
Nabil Sharif
Nabil Sharif
Senior CX Ops Specialist at Zip Co | Zendesk & HDI Certified
Katie Binswanger
Katie Binswanger
Senior Partner Marketing Manager at Zip Co
Joseph Rosenfield
Joseph Rosenfield
Head of Launch, Strategy & New Markets at Zip Co
Victoria Kunz
Victoria Kunz
Director- Enterprise Partnerships at Zip
David Gildin
David Gildin
Senior Merchant Success Manager at Zip Co
KrisAnne Madaus
KrisAnne Madaus
Senior Writer | B2B, B2C, Editorial, Fiction
Allyssa Martin
Allyssa Martin
Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Fitch Ratings

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