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Yobe is audio technology that does for audio what HDTV has done for visuals all while simultaneously reducing the content’s digital footprint. Yobe, Inc. has developed a proprietary audio solution that challenges the industries standards for overall audio quality and file/bandwidth size requirements. Using Artificial Intelligence and auditory brain mapping methodologies Yobe has developed process that uses unique frequency algorithms to manipulate audio content resulting in the enhancement of those sounds that are more authentic and pleasing to the human ear, “High Definition Audio”. Yobe transforms any typical audio into clearer, cleaner (less unwanted noise) experience with an immersive even, “spatial” (3D) effect. A byproduct the Yobe process is the ability to DECREASE the audio file or stream from 30% to 50% of its original size, while INCREASING the quality at the same time. There is no other technology in the marketplace that allows the simultaneous increase in sound quality and clarity while reducing content size

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