WinZO is on a mission to create the Netflix of Gaming in order to cater to the largest and fastest growing segment of online entertainment i.e. Mobile Gaming. Backed by Kalaari Capital, Courtside Venture and Makers Fund, WinZO is a series B funded company and it has grown 10 times in the last 12 months. WinZO has been hailed as the Start-up of the year-Technology, 2019 and 2020 by Entrepreneur India and it is India’s fastest growing vernacular social arcade gaming platform which aspires to grow to a $1B venture by end of 2021. Innovation and constructive disruption are at the core of what we do at WinZO. To cater to Bharat (T2-T5) audience and then scale globally, WinZO hosts all its 70+ games on a single platform across multiple formats in 12+ regional languages and 60% of content on our platform is consumed in non-English languages. WinZO has also revolutionised the online payment system in the country with its unique concept of micro-transactions which is inspiring more and more fe...
WinZO contact details
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Delhi, Delhi, IN

WinZO Management & Employee Directory

Josh Hart
Josh Hart
Professional Basketball Player, Podcast Co-Host, Twitch Streamer, Angel Investor
Paavan Nanda
Paavan Nanda
Hiring Product Managers; Please DM if you seek a💺on a 🚀
Kaushik Khushalbhai Thacker
Kaushik Khushalbhai Thacker
Marketing & Growth @ WinZO Games - Hiring Growth Rockstars | MDI Gurgaon - Gold Medalist | Ex - Nivea, Infosys, Essar | CSPO®
Rahul Gera
Rahul Gera
Talent Acquisition Specialist at WinZO | Ex - ICICI
Vikas Agarwal
Vikas Agarwal
Growth Lead at WinZO - Building "Netflix of Gaming" || Ex-Tencent (PUBG Mobile) || Ex-Octro (Teenpatti and Casino Games)
Saumya Singh Rathore
Saumya Singh Rathore
(Hiring - Backend Engineers (SDE I/II/III/ Lead)

WinZO Competitors

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