White Star Capital

White Star Capital is a global multi-stage investment platform built by a team of founders, investors and operators with a track record of entering new markets, expanding teams and exiting companies. Our approach to venture is characterized by a unique combination of international presence, perspective and people. With feet on the ground in New York, London, Montreal, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore, we partner closely with our portfolio to help them scale internationally from Series A onwards.
White Star Capital contact details
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New York City, New York 10010, US

White Star Capital Management & Employee Directory

Alberto Lopez Toledo
Alberto Lopez Toledo
Investor, Venture Partner at White Star Capital & Previous CTO/Technical Co-Founder at Freshly (Sold to Nestle for $1.5B)
Diego Oliva
Diego Oliva
CEO at Glue | NED | ex Facebook Executive
Eric Martineau-fortin
Eric Martineau-fortin
Founder & Managing Partner at White Star Capital
Michael Wystrach
Michael Wystrach
Founder/CEO at Petfolk & Previous Founder/CEO at Freshly Inc. (Sold to Nestle for $1.5B)
Vincent Texereau
Vincent Texereau
Senior Fund Administrator chez White Star Capital
Carla Richard
Carla Richard
VC Analyst @ White Star Capital | HEC Paris
Frederic Bastien
Frederic Bastien
Tech Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Board Member, Advisor
Marthe Naudts
Marthe Naudts
White Star Capital VC Analyst | Oxford PPE graduate
Nicolas Tremblay
Nicolas Tremblay
Investisseur capital de risque pour le Fonds de solidarité
Sep Alavi
Sep Alavi
General Partner | Web3 & Fintech @ White Star Capital
Tom Solleveld
Tom Solleveld
Communications & Marketing at White Star Capital
Usamah Khan
Usamah Khan
VC | Data Scientist at White Star Capital

White Star Capital Competitors

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