Vetor Zero

We are a pioneer studio in computer graphics in the Brazilian advertising production industry. We believe that staying at the verge of audiovisual production - thanks to our restless spirit, constantly looking for new technologies, styles and languages - is what gives us the foundations to help countless creative minds to turn their visions into reality, as we have done in the past twenty years. We work and develop with motion design, illustration, 2D animation, 3D, stop motion and live action, and when the next amazing technique comes we will be ready to put it on behalf of our partners and their stories.
Vetor Zero contact details
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Motion Pictures & Film
913 8º andar,São Paulo,São,BR

Vetor Zero Management & Employee Directory

Nando Cohen
Nando Cohen
CEO Founder at BBL - CSO Board member at DIVI-hub
Filipe Lopes
Filipe Lopes
R&D and Pipeline Supervisor at Vetor Zero
Marco T Alves
Marco T Alves
Autor, escritor de imagens, roteirista, diretor e montador de audiovisual independente. Assistente de pós na Vetor Zero: Editor de ingest e conform de projetos. E muitas outras coisas.
Mauricio Pirillo
Mauricio Pirillo
artista gráfico na Vetor Zero, ilustrador freelancer

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