Var Group

We digitise companies, in Italy and around the world. We explore the new frontiers of ICT: digitisation is a strategic lever for the growth of companies. Cyber Security, Collaboration, Cloud, Data Science, Blockchain, ERP, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 and IT Services are just some of the names of the innovation you will find in Var Group: each and every project is managed and implemented by highly specialised divisions, with each technology chosen and applied specifically for your company. Highlights: 480mln turnover as at 30.04.2021, 23 locations in Italy and 8 abroad, 2700 human resources.
Var Group contact details
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Information Technology & Services
Via Piovola, 138, Empoli, Firenze 50053, IT

Var Group Management & Employee Directory

Giuseppe Comi
Giuseppe Comi
Software Architect & IT Consultant at NSI
Dario D'Urso
Dario D'Urso
Key Account Manager & Corporate Sales Trainer presso Dale Carnegie Italia
Antonella Collalto
Antonella Collalto
Rapporti Istituzionali e Business Development Manager
Simone Dozza
Simone Dozza
System Administrator, Informatic Engineer, IBM Certified Systems Expert in AIX 6 and in Virtualization for AIX/Linux
Filippo Ermini
Filippo Ermini
Marketing & Sales Account at Var Life Srl at Var Life Srl
Lorenzo Sala
Lorenzo Sala
Head of Digital Cloud | Ceo @Var Prime | Managing Partner @Var Group
Fabio Massimo Marchetti
Fabio Massimo Marchetti
Head of Digital Industries - Var Group | CEO - Var Industries | Vice President ANIE Automazione - Digit. & Industry 4.0
Alessandro Gencarelli
Alessandro Gencarelli
Chief Strategy and Marketing officer presso Var Group

Var Group Competitors

C.A. Reding Company
Information Technology & Services
J2 Interactive
information technology & services

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