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Vacation Relation in a new website that provides a social tool for people who have upcoming vacations. Rather than attempting to create a new community, Vacation Relation leverages existing social media sites like Facebook, and allows users to explore, connect and communicate to others vacationing alongside them. Our unique technological approach utilizes the valuable information that is already available in these social media sites. We aggregate demographic user data and reorganize it into a clean, user friendly interface that allows users to “Socialize Their Vacation” before they ever arrive. Current travel sites use the term “social travel” but only allow users to share information amongst existing friends. Vacation Relation connects users that have never met before and transforms a virtual connection into a real life relation when they arrive. All communication is done through the user's existing social networks (Facebook and LinkedIn). These conversations combined with statistical data also allow users to plan and book their vacation based on socialistic aspects. This functionality does not exist in the current online travel market. Mission Statement: To provide users with a better overall vacation experience through the use of their existing social media. We want to help people “Socialize Their Vacation”.

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