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Coral Gables, Florida – USA - Day Trading Logics and TradeFoxX™ has been developing, testing and using automated strategies since 2010. The organizations strategies and its studies are based on creating effective solutions for Traders. Day Trading Logics and TradeFoxX™ automated strategies was programmed and tested for the past 5 years and is now ready for public usage. There are a sufficient number of variables that allow the end user the flexibility to customize the universal strategy for use with any volatile market including Futures, Forex and Equities. Day Trading Logics Inc. is dedicated to the analysis and development of strategies for speculative trading in the Futures and Forex Financial Markets. Our Team is made up of Computer Engineers, Mathematicians, and Financial Experts with the primary goal of producing low risk trading through the craft and science of Financial Technical Trading Analysis. We use the latest technologies and have the best computer programmers who are constantly developing new methods to trade the markets. Day Trading Logics is a trading operation center. The center compromises of the latest computers, software and professional traders that facilitate state of the art manual trading and automatic trading strategies that make substantial money trading in the Futures and Forex Trading markets. We've been through a long creative process, from early concepts and sketches to 3D wireframes and a variety of test handsets. It's all led us to the beautiful TradeFoxX Intelligent Trader prototype that you see throughout this page. TradeFoxX is the product of a robust plan and a lot of talent. The software is capable of taking trading experts logic, applying fundamental rules, removing the emotions, and flawlessly executing your trade’s day in and day out. “We are very excited about the new partnership with Microtrends and the release of our latest trading software. I truly expect us to develop a long and profitable relationship

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