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Tiny Planet Inc. is serving its clients since 1999. Tiny Planet Inc. provides staffing and application development services to clients nationwide. We are based in California, which is base to the many high-tech companies with constant need of highly talented professionals. Tiny Planet Inc. was started with vision to provide highly talented manpower to corporations seeking talent when needed at optimum cost. We provide growth in essence by providing result oriented talent. We understand and fulfill the needs of our clients. Tiny Planet Inc. is a quality provider of software solutions, staffing and professional services. We provide the best talent in high end technology, enterprise wide solutions, and the cloud based development services. We are committed to providing high quality services to our clients. Tiny Planet Inc. has diverse, qualified, highly experienced and result oriented quality team of consultants to cater all round needs of our esteemed clients. Tiny Planet Inc. is a staffing agency for IT, healthcare, non-technical, accounting, administration and clerical placements. Our employee staffing team works with clients across the nation. Tiny Planet Inc. is dedicated to providing its clients with the very best in HR Services. Our experience allows us to carefully identify our client's needs and make the appropriate recommendations. Whether you are a small independent or large company we can connect you with the best solution to fit your needs.

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