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Techonomy is about the centrality of technology to business and social progress and the urgency of embracing the rapid pace of change brought by technology. Every major issue going forward will be affected by how it intersects with tech innovation. We believe the relevance of leaders depends on understanding and keeping this conviction at the forefront of their thinking. Our 2015 flagship conference will focus on re-humanizing society. Technology as scapegoat has driven fears and shaped opinion since at least the Industrial Revolution: people dehumanized, reduced to numbers, interchangeable cogs on an ever-more-efficient assembly line of production and output. Fair or not, that image has infected technology’s image. The tables, however, have turned, and we find ourselves on the cusp of an era of true tech-enabled transcendence, a time of empowerment, a time of connection, a time of triumph, imagination, and courage, a time when tech asserts itself as a truly re-humanizing force.

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