TENDAM is one of Europe’s leading fashion retailers operating in the specialized chain segment. It is made up of four own brands: Cortefiel, Springfield, women'secret, and Pedro del Hierro and an outlet chain: Fifty. The Group is present in 89 countries with 1,982 points of sale; 1.299 direct operate stores and 683 franchises. Turnover for 2016 total 1.128 million and the number of Group employees stood at 10.394. Each brand has its own design team and sales and management structure. They share the administration, finance, technology, expansion and sourcing and human resource divisions, as well as other corporate functions, based at the central offices. The Group has a network of international buying offices in Spain, Hong Kong and India. Distribution is centralized at the Madrid logistics platform, backed up by an additional center in Hong Kong, supplying both the Group’s own stores and franchises. The multibrand growth strategy has been further reinforced through international expa...
TENDAM contact details
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Apparel & Fashion
Avda. Llano Castellano, 51, Madrid, Madrid 28034, ES

TENDAM Management & Employee Directory

Ana Ramallo
Ana Ramallo
Data Science Director at Tendam (formerly GRUPO CORTEFIEL) & Co-Founder at WiMLDS Madrid
Maria Sañudo
Maria Sañudo
Directora de Marketing y Comunicación CORTEFIEL y PEDRO DEL HIERRO en Tendam
Rosa De La Lombana Barros
Rosa De La Lombana Barros
Buying & Design Director at TENDAM (Grupo Cortefiel)
Elena Rodríguez Salgueiro
Elena Rodríguez Salgueiro
International Product Marketing Manager - Women'secret
Ignacio Orusco
Ignacio Orusco
Group Franchise Commercial Accounts Director en Grupo Cortefiel
marc calabia
Marc Calabia
Chief Product and Merchandising Officer en DESIGUAL
Lina Perez Oltra
Lina Perez Oltra
HR Manager / Global Head of HRBP & Talent Development
Rocio Alonso
Rocio Alonso
HR Talent Acquisition Manager en TENDAM
Luis Martin Bardon
Luis Martin Bardon
Director de Operaciones de Cortefiel y Pedro del Hierro en TENDAM
Luca Rinaldi
Luca Rinaldi
Senior sourcing specialist, sourcing department TENDAM
Dragan Popov
Dragan Popov
HR Director for Balkan Zone (Springfield, Cortefiel, Fifty Factory and Women' Secret ) at TENDAM

TENDAM Competitors

Anya Hindmarch
apparel & fashion
Apparel & Fashion
Dolcezza Inc.
Apparel & Fashion

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