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My story goes back forty years ago. My children were small and so was my income. I discovered rummage sales. Clothes, toys, household items, and so much more. My friends were impressed by my ability to find such neat treasures. It was not long before they wanted me to shop for them too. They would make it worth my time, so it sounded good to me. One closet in my bedroom became a friend's dream. One customer and word of mouth, became a small income for my family. Soon it was too much, I needed space to grow. Everyone encouraged me to find a building for a shop. Within a month i had a location, I was scared, but excited. Got busy, with a lot of prayers and I was on my way. I knew my real love was vintage stuff. Okay, where do I find the stuff? Start telling everyone I know. Adds in the newspaper, auctions, and of course rummage sales. I started finding so much stuff, but I was extremely picky. Soon my customers were asking me to look for certain things. Again, God was on my side. It seems God knew before I did what was ahead for me. Well, forty years later we are still going strong. I love Charleston, people, vintage, and most of all the Lord. We believe if we do not have it, we will help you find it. I call myself a treasure finder. I love what I do, we believe you will love our shop too. Hope to see you soon! God bless......

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