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Softeq, founded in Houston, TX, in 1997, is a global provider of world-class software development services and an innovation-focused team of mobile, web and embedded engineers that are game for taking up most challenging technology undertakings. Since its early years Softeq has both honed its low-level competency and ramped up its talent capacity and skill set with mobile and web expertise to become a trusted tech partner for such global innovators as Nike, NVIDIA, Omron, Disney, BlinkFX, Phospor just to name a few. Now the full gamut of the company's development services includes: line-of-business mobile apps and B2C solutions for events, video streaming, image processing and more (cross-platform, native, mobile web; embracing iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry); enterprise web solutions focused on data-rich projects, distributed corporate system architectures, business logic performed at the backend, and secure optimized integration layers; low-level apps, electronic and hardware design for mobile devices, smart accessories, wearable gadgets, rugged electronics; signal processing for smart sensors and connectors; drivers for network communication, peripherals, and more; ATV devices for major public venues, historic locations, entertainment facilities and theme parks across the United States.

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Web Development
Houston, Texas
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