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Social Endeavors provides treatment services to help children, aged 2-10 years old, develop age appropriate social and communication skills. Our group programs, Social Endeavors kids, Social Endeavors Together, Social Endeavors Parents, emphasize hands-on learning for both parents and children. Social Endeavors School helps teachers identify and implement strategies that will help your child fully participate in classroom activities and benefit from them. At Social Endeavors we recognize that developing social skills is important but can also be challenging. Our programs are designed for children who participate in mainstream education settings, but experience difficulties working in a group or getting along with peers. No diagnosis is necessary for participation in our groups. Children who are diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, high-functioning Autism, PDD_NOS, Nonverbal learning disorder, and social anxiety can also benefit from our programs. Children are grouped developmentally according to their age and skill levels. As clinicians and parents, we realize that each stage in a child’s development calls upon us to develop new skills to meet our children’s changing social and emotional needs. With the focus on these ever changing needs, our goal at Social Endeavors is to offer comprehensive services that will strengthen and empower parents in their parenting abilities while nurturing a child's well being both socially and emotionally.

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