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Social AID runs as a not-for-profit agency endeavoring for “world where people are self-resilient, live dignified lives, ensure healthy and prosperous future and coexistence for all living beings in harmony, justice and peace”. Social AID gives prime attendance to the financial management issues as we believe that our interventions should be considering 4Es (as we call them: effective, efficient, economical and yet environmentally friendly) for maximizing value for money and satisfaction of our beneficiaries, donors and our staff in the best interest of people in real need on an ongoing basis. The resources provided to Social AID are directed towards providing goods or services to a client other than the actual resource provider. Thus we as a not-for-profit agency demonstrates our stewardship of donated resources — money donated for a specific purpose are used for that purpose implied in our vision and mission. Our staff and associates tries to be able to demonstrate that the donation money was used as desired by the donor and in line with the actual requirements of the targeted beneficiaries. Focus of Social AID work is with grass-roots communities, governments at different levels, local organizations, students/children, etc. We have excellent rapport and acceptance in the local targeted communities besides health departments, community development departments, local governments, elected representatives, and other community notables. It undertakes action-oriented research, surveying, planning, designing, consulting/advisory services, technical assistance, advocacy, capacity building, actual implementation of programs/projects, activities in environmental, social and economic fields with its qualified, experienced and highly motivated professionals team.

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