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Shani Clinic is dedicated to providing compassionate care in order to help people reach their human potential by achieving, and maintaining, the highest level of healthy. Shani Clinic is distinguished and applauded for its innovation in the health field, offers a new, unique and very rare team approach model to care within the local community. Specializing in the treatment of chronic pain, the clinic brings the best of medical professionals together, consisting of a medical doctor, chiropractors, physical rehab specialists, a nurse practitioner and an acupuncturist, all under one roof. These medical professionals come together and agree on a customized treatment plan that best suits each patient's needs. Shani Clinic established its reputation in Westlake Village for their solution oriented approach. While being a medical organization, Shani Clinic is known for their natural and holistic approach. The multi-specialty method, coupled with advanced technology equipment, allows the team of doctors to get to the "root cause" each patient's conditions and provide outstanding results.

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