Scimita Ventures

Scimita Ventures is a leading science and deep tech innovation company, committed to building the world of tomorrow with those who dare. Scimita Ventures was founded in 2016 by leading engineering scientists Dr. Mobin Nomvar and Professor Ali Abbas, who wanted do more to change the world with their expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. The growing team of award-winning scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs at Scimita Ventures embraces challenges that others find daring; daunting; even un-doable. Scimita Ventures harnesses agile, human-centred design that's applied to traditionally rigid industries. As a result, Scimita Ventures delivers groundbreaking advancement with unprecedented speed and quality. Scimita Ventures redefines world class #innovation and #entrepreneurship. #aussiebusiness
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31,St. Peters,New,AU

Scimita Ventures Management & Employee Directory

Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas
Professor of Chemical Engineering and Acting Head of School at the University of Sydney; Founder and Director at Scimita Ventures; Founder and Director at Trofica
Mobin Nomvar
Mobin Nomvar
Entrepreneur. Innovator. Panelist. Speaker. Director.
Shane Cox
Shane Cox
Research Engineering & Design Lead at Scimita Ventures
Thomas Telfer
Thomas Telfer
Research and Experiment Lead at Scimita Ventures
Victor Lo
Victor Lo
Senior Experimentalist at Scimita Ventures
Arshman  Sahid
Arshman Sahid
Neuropharmacologist | Experimentalist | Science communicator
Arshman Sahid
Arshman Sahid
Neuropharmacology research assistant | Experimentalist | Science communicator
Lachlan Boyle
Lachlan Boyle
Embedded Systems Engineer at Scimita Ventures
Roni Habbal
Roni Habbal
Business Development | Circular Economy | EMBA
Simon Yang
Simon Yang
Junior Experimentalist/Researcher at Scimita Ventures | Chemical Engineering Student at UNSW

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