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Satmarin™ specializes in maritime satellite data communication (VSAT) and satellite TV (TVRO) solutions. We offer a broad product portfolio whether you require only Television Signal or Television and Internet Communication. Everything is possible from small vessels to large ocean liners and global freight ships. As a vendor agnostic solutions provider we will assist you in finding the best possible value solution for your vessel(s) Broadband Internet (VSAT), Satellite TV (TVRO) and Telephony (VoIP) can be established with an antenna starting from 60cm in diameter but for broader, or multiple regions, larger antennas may be necessary. Let us know where you want to sail, what you want to do and we will find the solution that fits your needs, whether this is available off the shelf or customized to your requirements Combined with military grade quality antennas we deliver a communication and entertainment platform that will exceed your expectations, keep you and your crew happy and reduce your overall communication costs drastically. For more information or personal advice contact us at or +32 3 280 00 30

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