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If you need a ... tailor-made business solution – you are at the right place! Choose Satio Business Solutions as your preferred supplier of ICT support and you will enjoy an unparalleled service experience at no extra cost. We are accredited resellers with all major IT distributors for most of the popular brands of hardware and software, including HP and Microsoft. This enables us to provide our customer with an end-to-end solution to most – if not all – of its IT requirements and needs, saving valuable time by providing a one-stop ICT supplier. We also supply ICT infrastructure related services (i.e. cabling, network points, etc) and VoIP support. Our company aims to address the need in the market for highly experienced engineers to support and maintain either your own company or your customer’s on your behalf. We provide a full spectrum of ICT services to clients in both the corporate and small and medium enterprises environment. We have a Service Desk that will take your call and ensure that the right engineer is assigned to assist you. Contact us for a quote and see how we can satisfy your ICT needs. Satio" is Latin for “satisfied / to satisfy”.

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