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Sandler Training is passionate about helping business owners and professionals achieve their goals, grow their business' and climb the career ladder by implementing Sandler tools in their sales, leadership and management strategies. We train a wide variety of clients, from very ambitious individuals to major global corporations. Our clients have very different aspirations, goals and come from different sectors - banking, technology, professional services, leisure and creative industries. Despite their differences, the sales and management challenges they come across often tend to be very similar and include: - Missing sales targets - Losing business to inferior competitors - Doing lots of proposals or consulting work only to have it shopped around - Struggling to attract, develop and retain great talent to build a strong team - Frustration with the lack of initiative demonstrated within their team - Fighting a culture of poor communication having tried endlessly to improve it without success. The one thing all our clients have in common is their willingness to overcome their challenges and a strong commitment to further growth. This is what really matters and marks out key achievers. We have been able to help our clients create permanent positive changes, increase their sales figures and grow professionally by providing them with constant coaching, encouragement and feedback as they learn to apply Sandler tools and tactics to their businesses. Sandler Training Central Scotland is CPD accredited and delivers training courses on the Sandler System, brought to life by real examples from the extensive industry experience our team members have gained when working with major global companies.

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