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Established on 1990, Safety Hi-Tech is a leading expert Company in alternative gaseous technologies for fire protection. NAF S 125 ® Engineered Fire Protection Systems and NAF S 227 ® Fire Protection Systems are both UL / ULC listed and CE marked. NAF S 125 ® and NAF S 227 ® Agents are both UL Recognized and included in the US EPA SNAP list. SHT Fire Extinguishing Agents and Suppression Systems gained the acceptance and the recognition from the leading environmental authorities and have been included in the worldwide accepted technical standards for fire protection, including those issued by NFPA, ISO and CEN. SHT also contributes to write such rules participating to the relevant technical committees and it is also the only European company joining the NFPA 2001 Technical Committee. This role allows SHT to have first hand information and to be the first to use such information introducing updated products into the market.

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