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SURVD is computer application software for mobile phones, portable media players, handheld computers, tablet computers, wearables, on-body touch sensors and embeddable technology, namely, software for primary use in facilitating frictionless ordering, purchasing, payment and retrieval of payment information with minimal taps, swipes and/or voice commands for food, beverage, gift cards and merchandise items offered in nightclubs, lounges, restaurants, food trucks, airports, airplanes, movie theaters, retail establishments, concert venues, sporting events and other entertainment venues in order to create a seamless experience. SURVD collects a set service charge for all transactions in lieu of any gratuity normally provided. SURVD also offers many more features such as web-based seating including seat navigation via beacon technology, a portal for choosing and reviewing establishments, a rewards systems for the user from participating companies using SURVD, analytics available to the establishment, impulse ordering, predictive ordering, product information, video descriptions of product and a referral service for both new customers and the establishments. Critics predict that the SURVD app will forever change the way the public purchases goods by providing a total virtual shopping experience via smartphone. Our mantra that guides every decision that the company makes effecting all stakeholders is: Have we SURVD?

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Fort Worth, Texas
(817) 987-9710