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Roadlike allows you to capture your travel moments, memories and thoughts at various spots & places you feel are worth remembering in the future so that you can relive these moments looking back at them and easily recollect the locations you had visited during your journey. Your moments could cover your various vacation trips, travels or life’s journey. This app allows you to capture your travel moments / check In to places even when you do not have Internet and are in an offline mode. Each moment captured by you is private by default, however you can add people who are with you in that moment and share the moment with them. We have provided a feature called ‘Contacts’ – In this feature, we allow you to add your family and friends as a contact on Roadlike. This feature is provided because at times you may have collective moments & only one of you may be capturing that moment on Roadlike. After you have captured a moment, you can add your friends & family members to it and then Roadlike will create a copy of it in the account of the person who has been added to that moment. Each member will have all the rights to edit or delete their own copy of a moment without affecting the copies of the other. However, please note that even after you have added your family members or friends as a Contact on Roadlike, they cannot see your Timeline / Journey on Roadlike and vice-versa. If you want to showcase your few Travel Moments, Check Ins or trips on your social network, this feature will allow you to share the URL of your Roadlike Journey (collection of moments) on various social networks. People in your social network will get access to your past and future moments ONLY if they were or will be created with option of "Show this moment when Journey is shared." Google Play Download Link: App Store Download Link:

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