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1. Custom Application Development: - Work Flow Automation/Workflow Management System (WMS), - Developing and Integrating modules into your core Systems like Microsoft Navision, GP, SAP, PeopleSoft, CRM, WMS, etc. - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, - Content Management System (CMS), - Business Intelligence Solutions (BI Software & Tools), - Supply Chain Management (SCM) System, - Vessel Tracking Information System, - Maritime Information Management System, - Knowledge Management Systems (KMS), - Order Management System (OMS), - Warehouse Management System (WMS), - Workforce Management (WFM) System, 2. Solutions: - Information Security Management, - Database Management System, - Data Normalization and Data Rationalization, - Data Visualization Tools, - Metadata Management, - Reference Data Management, - Structure Unstructured Data,, - Business Intelligence Solutions. 3. Application Testing Services 4. Web Application Development 5. Mobile Property Development - iPhone, iPad - Adobe AIR - Andriod - Windows Phone Based in the USA, UK, AUS and India.

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