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Redland Brick is one of a few select ISO 9001 Registered Quality brick manufacturers in the U.S. Redland Brick manufactures a complete line of face brick, pavers, and thin brick supplying both the architectural and residential markets. Redland Brick’s five manufacturing facilities located in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast produce a complete range of products from precise architectural brick textures and finishes to authentic handmade brick. Redland’s five manufacturing facilities are located in Williamsport and Rocky Ridge, Maryland; Lawrenceville, Virginia; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Hartford, Connecticut. The company’s products are available through brick and masonry distributors throughout the U.S. Redland Brick services its customers direct in the Pittsburgh and Western Maryland markets. Redland Brick also produces Tru-Brix®, a proprietary thin brick system offering the industry’s only 50 year warranty on both commercial and residential projects.

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