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RainGrid builds Stormwater SmartGrids: digital distributed green stormwater infrastructure for municipal climate resilience. Our networks of smart Internet of Things (IoT) residential cisterns offer real-time stormwater data visualization and decision-making to make green infrastructure reliable, measurable and effective. Stormwater SmartGrids reduce the impact and costs of severe rainstorms at half the capital cost of conventional stormwater solutions. • For municipalities, counties and metropolitan sewer districts, RainGrid reduces the risk of sewer backups, overland flooding and property damage while extending the life of existing infrastructure such as stormwater ponds and piped conveyance. • For land developers RainGrid Stormwater SmartGrids offer the opportunity to reduce approval times, pipe diameters and water balance, and stormwater pond area. RainGrid Stormwater SmartGrids Applications: • stormwater quantity & quality management • real-time data & visual analytics • stormwater utility & asset management • combined sewer overflows • nuisance flooding reduction • residential rainwater harvesting • potable water offset • Demand Side Management • lot level infiltration for water balance • groundwater recharge • watershed planning • community engagement & mobile integration RainGrid is a WERF/WEF LIFT technology. Follow RainGrid at http://liftlink.werf.org/ for specific inquiries regarding addressing your municipal needs.

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