With a 300-year heritage, RSA is a multinational personal and commercial insurer operating across Europe and the Middle East. We have significant businesses in the UK and Ireland where the RSA brand is joined by retail brands MORE THAN and while RSA Luxembourg serves brokers and customers in Belgium, France, Spain and the Netherlands. In the Middle East, RSA operates in Bahrain and the UAE, and in Oman and Saudi Arabia through the Al Ahlia and Al Alamiya brands. RSA employs over 5,500 people and, in 2021, became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian insurer Intact Financial Corporation (TSX: IFC). Intact is the largest general insurer in Canada, and a leading provider of global specialty insurance.
RSA contact details
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20 Fenchurch Street, London, GB

RSA Management & Employee Directory

Donna Fochesato Kopin
Donna Fochesato Kopin
Senior Underwriting Assistant at Royal & SunAlliance Insurance Agency (RSA Group)
Don George
Don George
Vice President Casualty & ProFin Underwriting at RSA Insurance Agency, Inc.
Soni Anand
Soni Anand
Application Developer at Princeton Holdings Limited
Stephen Michaels
Stephen Michaels
Head Of Operations, Risk Consulting at RSA
Daniel Ferguson
Daniel Ferguson
Group Treasurer at RSA Insurance Group plc
Tim Wright
Tim Wright
Director of Broker (Personal Lines) at RSA
Rene Kinzett
Rene Kinzett
Public Affairs and policy professional, currently working in financial services
Peter Wroe
Peter Wroe
Business Process Consultant at RSA Group
Konstantinos Georgiou
Konstantinos Georgiou
Senior Marine Claims Adjuster at RSA Insurance Group
Benjamin Leeson
Benjamin Leeson
Trading Underwriter at RSA (Professional and Financial Risks)
Neil Mercer
Neil Mercer
Founder at Mòr. Multiplying online revenue through better customer experience.
Jonathan South
Jonathan South
Group & UK Director of IT Operations at RSA
Kevin McCaffrey
Kevin McCaffrey
Contract - Senior Software Developer, .Net, SQL Server and Microsoft Stack Software Development
Kenny Leitch
Kenny Leitch
Global Connected Insurance Director at RSA
Ed Hannan
Ed Hannan
Finance Director, UK Commercial (CRS) at RSA
Darren Price
Darren Price
Group CIO and Group Exec Member at RSA Group

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