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Practical Recovery provides comprehensive self-empowering non-12 step rehab services: Residential alcohol and drug rehab, intensive treatment with independent sober living, outpatient and intensive outpatient alcohol and drug treatment, and other addiction recovery services. We use a non-12-step approach to create practical solutions for your well-being. We specialize in the treatment of "dual diagnosis" or "co-occuring disorders". At Practical Recovery we know the ingredients you'll need to be successful: self-control, a sense of purpose, solid problem-solving skills, good health habits, productive activities and meaningful relationships. Our multidisciplinary staff will work with you, not against you, to accomplish these goals. Your schedule and services will be customized just for you. Call our San Diego office today at (800) 977-6110 to discuss your unique situation. Practical Recovery is the leader in collaborative alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Be prepared to think about addiction recovery in radically new ways!

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