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We intend to bring to the market a new global insurance service PeopleFlyPlanet (, which is for air passengers whose flights have been delayed or cancelled. Unlike traditional insurance companies, it will be free from many of their disadvantages and offers a new level of service. We have developed such a product and created a new concept of relationship with clients―‘take insurance and forget about hassles’. We do the rest. PeopleFlyPlanet insure flights from any delays and cancellations including extraordinary circumstances (force majeure events). What we offer: full insurance from any delay or cancellation, including those caused by airlines; immediate payment of compensation; online operations; 99% coverage of all passenger airports and airlines worldwide; chains of connecting flights from different airlines; insurance for extra cash exceeding you tickets value, e.g. vacation costs; 24/7 service availability. Why we are different: we solve problems related to late or cancelled scheduled flights in a timely and efficient manner; single insurance policy for all possible problems with your flights; we pay right away, while you are still at the airport (within 1 hour); we do not need additional written evidence; the refund is paid out immediately, in the total amount; today we are ready to serve you in 16,000 airports and 1,400 airlines worldwide; our insurance covers both domestic and international flights;

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