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PayRange is the world’s simplest mobile payment solution for vending, parking, transit ticketing, laundry, amusement, and more. In under a minute, operators of machines can install the PayRange BluKey without any tools enabling the machine to accept mobile payment. PayRange was founded by long-time industry expert Paresh Patel to provide operators and consumers with the simplest, most accessible mobile payment solution possible. The solution includes a low-cost device that can be retrofitted into virtually any machine enabling it to accept mobile payments via Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE). While PayRange’s system is designed to be extremely simple for the users, the complexity is abstracted behind the scenes. The PayRange system includes three elements: low-cost hardware, free app, and back-end service. Credit cards are processed directly by a PCI compliant provider.

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Mobile Payments
Portland, OR
(855) 856-6398