Paragon Technology And Innovation

Paragon was founded in 1985 and developed rapidly to become one of the largest cosmetic manufacture in Indonesia. Paragon has obtained the certificate of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HAS (Halal Assurance System) with a production capacity of 80 million pcs / year and superior cosmetic formulations. Now Paragon has 5000 personnels in all over Indonesia. This is because we do a whole process of production to distribution and also develop the marketing programs for our products. We continue to develop our excellent brands as Wardah, Make Over, Putri, IX, and Emina. We believe that with our team's integrity, agility, and determination to work, we can preserve our position as the market leader. Paragon strives to be a beneficial company for the community and continues to evolve in various fields by creating today better than yesterday. To accomplish our vision we do: 1. Develop competent personnel by creating a good working environment to support the achievement of our cu...
Paragon Technology And Innovation contact details
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Consumer Goods
Jl. Swadarma Raya, Pesanggrahan, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12250, ID

Paragon Technology And Innovation Management & Employee Directory

Tursinameta Sutaperwata
Tursinameta Sutaperwata
Group Head, Reward and People Experiences at Paragon Technology And Innovation
Tessi Fathia Adam
Tessi Fathia Adam
Senior Head of Digital Transformation at Paragon Technology And Innovation
Chichi Utami
Chichi Utami
Group Head of IT Business Partner at Paragon Technology And Innovation
Fredy Oentoro
Fredy Oentoro
Head Of International Business Development at Paragon Technology And Innovation
Ressa Truna Priono
Ressa Truna Priono
Head of Media & Strategic Partnership at Paragon Technology And Innovation
Clarissa Gunawan
Clarissa Gunawan
Group Head Marketing at paragon technology and innovation
Dwiwahyu Haryo Suryo
Dwiwahyu Haryo Suryo
Senior Supply Chain/Operations Professional in FMCG Industries
Karina Anindita
Karina Anindita
Graduate Student at University of Manchester
Bahrun Afriansyah
Bahrun Afriansyah
VP Marketing at Paragon Technology And Innovation
Johanes Astra
Johanes Astra
VP Information Technology at Paragon Technology And Innovation
Irwan Akhir
Irwan Akhir
Corporate Sherpa - Seasoned Strategic HR practitioner

Paragon Technology And Innovation Competitors

Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Paul Brown Hawaii
consumer goods

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