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On Music Ltd is a unique music services provider. Since 2005 the company operates from a base outside London in Kent and in Belfast, N. Ireland. As a media company we provide a wide and diverse range of music services including technology to our global clients. Over the years we have built our reputation on the quality of our work, loyalty to our clients and complete dedication to the job, with the result our clients stay with us. Liz Lavery is owner and Managing Director, an established music copyright expert with 25 years experience. She leads a strong management team ensuring every client has hands-on expertise working to provide a premier quality service. All staff receive unique On Music training, a programme devised specifically so clients receive the highest level of knowledge and ability. Our team of industry specialists will match metadata you receive from external sources to your database, repertoire or catalogue in a timely and accurate fashion in accordance to your specific data polices. We cover all aspects of sourcing, processing, validating and submitting data on behalf of clients globally. Our team can remove duplicate entries, fix problematic data and update registered details that have changed. Services Include: • music data matching and processing services to major broadcasters, music companies, copyright societies, distributors and independent producers. • music clearances, negotiating and licensing, acquiring local to global rights across all media platforms. • technology providing software for a state of the art system electronic music reporting and cue sheet delivery. As a company we work hard providing all of the services to our clients. We guarantee to provide the highest quality that is flexible to meet their needs and their budget. It is of the utmost importance to us to maintain a working one-to-one relationship because all our clients are VIPs.

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