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Newton Insight is a software as a service (SaaS) supply chain management (SCM) company that provides businesses with the solutions they need to mange and improve the transportation and logistics of their time-sensitive and immediate deliveries. Newton Insight SaaS solution provides businesses with the means to link the systems of their multiple delivery service vendors into one platform. This allows them to coordinate, track, and ensure the couriers made the deliveries to the right place at the right time in the right condition. It automates the transportation and logistics processes that lowers costs and improves efficiencies. In addition, Newton Insight gives businesses performance metrics to help them hold their couriers/logistics vendors accountable. Through various mathematical models and algorithms, they aggregate turnaround times (TAT), costs, and complaints to arrive at a standard performance metric specific to the business. No two are alike. Lastly, Newton Insight offers businesses analytic modules to help them understand their operations. They can run various reports for multiple indices to uncover bottle necks in their processes. Whether it is the time it takes to dispatch an order, complete a delivery, to the costs or late deliveries for a certain location, Newton Insight finds the issues. Businesses now have a chance to address these noticeable and often times hidden problems so that they can improve their performance. Newton Insight provides businesses with real solutions. With it they can make better decisions, and improve their operations and service.

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