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My OnCall Doc is an on-demand Telehealth Technology Company of healthcare providers and services. They offer you fast access to healthcare professionals and Board Certified physicians to treat common illnesses and other symptoms 24/7, 365 days a year through audio or video conferencing. Their cutting edge technology allows immediate access from an iPhone, tablet, android device or personal computer. Have you even been woken up by a child at 3am with a high fever, congestion and cough? You need to see a doctor but would prefer not to drive to the emergency room or urgent care clinic. Do you remember when you were traveling and you came down with an acute case of sinusitis? You have had this before and know that you need antibiotics but you are thousands of miles from home. My OnCall Doc was created to help you during times like these and many other types of non-emergency health care needs. Imagine, from comfort or your home or hotel room turning on your tablet and at a touch of a button obtaining answers to your medical questions and, if necessary, having prescriptions called in to a local pharmacy right away. The service provides each of their members access to over 500 board certified doctors in 47 states on-demand 24/7/365 days a year. They are a subscription based Telehealth Technology Service with an annual membership cost of $99.00 (paid when you join). Consultations are billed at individual provider rates; urgent care providers are normally billed at $49.00 per consultation. My OnCall Doc provides you another option for care instead of having to go to an emergency room, urgent care center or a physician’s office. It’s fast, easy and efficient. My OnCall Doc is not a replacement for your Primary Care Physician. They ask that for chronic illnesses you continue your care with your established physician.

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