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MyColorScreen makes Android beautiful. We are a social platform for creating, sharing, and discussing dazzling mobile device homescreen designs-- from the minimalist and artistic to the truly functional. Members "theme" their devices to make them more personal, showing off their unique style, including the artists, brands, movies, sports, etc. with which they identify, and making their most-used applications and widgets more easily accessible. On [](htttp://, you can browse tens of thousands user-submitted designs, many of which are tagged with the third-party launchers, widgets, wallpapers, and icons you would need to recreate them on your own device. You can ask questions of the designers and give back to the community by providing design assistance. Once you've finished your homescreen masterpiece, you can then share it with the world. The MyColorScreen YouTube channel is the premiere source for learning about mobile device customization, containing dozens of step-by-step theme tutorials as well as reviews of and detailed guides on the tools used by the community.

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