Moore Medical Group

Moore Medical Group is a pioneer in providing comprehensive medical services to psychiatric and behavioral health facilities. There is no equal to what we can bring to your facility. We realize that sending your clients off campus for medical care costs time, and money….THIS IS WHY WE BRING OUR ENTIRE ORGANIZATION TO YOU. We are there when and where you need us, and your patients will experience a new level of medical care. As medical providers we administer on-site care for your clients 7 days a week, including holidays. Whether there is a request for a History and Physical exam or a medical consultation, we respond within 24 hours. Our medical providers are highly trained to deliver medical care that accounts for the patient’s psychiatric history, psychiatric and medical medications, and medical history. We serve both adults and children, focusing on preventive education, medication management and assessment of overall health.
Moore Medical Group contact details
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Hospital & Health Care
5th Floor,Lake Mary,FL,US

Moore Medical Group Management & Employee Directory

Larry Wilson
Larry Wilson
Medical Director - Strategic Behavioral Health Center at Moore Medical Group
Marquita Kennedy
Marquita Kennedy
Senior Living Resident Services Director/LVN-LPN
Alex Areces
Alex Areces
Director Of Marketing And Business Development at Moore Medical Group
Moore Medical Group
Moore Medical Group
Specialists in delivering medical services for Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Facilities

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