Milestone Properties

At Milestone, we are a offer full service property management across metropolitan Seattle. Our portfolio of owned and managed properties spans from Rainier Beach to North Gate, designed to offer prospective renters a range of options for choosing their new home.
Milestone Properties contact details
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Real Estate
Seattle, WA, US

Milestone Properties Management & Employee Directory

Tushar Kadam
Tushar Kadam
Founder - Milestone Enterprises, Co-Founder - Milestone Properties & Partner - White-nectar Farms
Rocco Cavallo
Rocco Cavallo
Vice President & COO @ Milestone Construction Management
Rhoda Altom
Rhoda Altom
President Milestone Properties, Board of Directors for National Park Foundation, Frye Art Museum & The Center for Native American Youth
Shelley Shannon
Shelley Shannon
Director of Credit and Risk Management, Milestone Equipment Holdings, LLC
Kendra Wheeler
Kendra Wheeler
Assistant Property Manager at Milestone Properties Group, Inc.
Kathi Morland
Kathi Morland
Overland Properties at Keller Williams Greater Lexington
Kelly Perdew
Kelly Perdew
VC, Entrepreneur, Military Veteran, Winner of Season 2 - The Apprentice, and father of twins!
Lauren Smith-washbourne
Lauren Smith-washbourne
Milestone Corporation, Realtor @ Coldwell Banker Premier
Mervyn Alphonso
Mervyn Alphonso
Executive Vice President at Anchor Health Properties
Ram Guru
Ram Guru
President at Milestone hose and fittings inc
Steve Reichow
Steve Reichow
Managing Owner at Better Built Properties LLC
Vikas Pandey
Vikas Pandey

Milestone Properties Competitors

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