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Marlin specialises in developing, managing and marketing brands. With a wealth of experience, we have consistently maintained our position as a team with a reputation for reliability, creativity and innovative solutions. Marlin’s client roster includes many of the country’s leading companies, covering a variety of sectors from B2B, Fashion and Utilities to Retail, Healthcare, Construction and a number of local authorities. Whether we are creating a new identity or revitalizing an existing one, Marlin recognises that the development of your brand is critical. Over the years we have created and refined processes to ensure the effective development of powerful and captivating identities and a strong, proactive custodianship of them as they evolve. We are a group of highly talented and committed team players who bring many years of priceless experience and skills to our clients. We are passionate about supplying excellent customer service so you can rely on us to deliver even under the most demanding of circumstances. Marlin’s knowledge base encompasses a broad range of services ensuring comprehensive support to your brand’s growth and progression. From intelligent concepts and captivating design to striking image manipulation and innovative multimedia, Marlin provides a comprehensive range of accomplished solutions to our clients.

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